Our purpose: Elevating your home

We are fully dedicated to bringing stylish, timeless pieces of marble furniture to your home. Our mission is to ensure that your living space is full of life and passion. Marble is an enduring and natural stone that has been used for the most extraordinary sculptural and architectural works of art. Add a touch of brilliance and beauty to your interior with your own elegant piece. 

Designer and co-founder of Veiana


Olá! Interior design is my perpetual driver. As a child, I would shuffle my bedroom furniture around again and again to find the perfect harmony. While I now believe that perfection is unattainable, I hope to bring to your home unique marble pieces of elegance.

Designer and co-founder of Veiana


Creating furniture from natural resources and materials is what gets me excited. Setting the right interior tone and home synergy is a crucial aspect of successful design. I’m looking forward to bringing the highest quality of artistry to your living room and home decor.