Arabescato – Carrara, Italy
Nero Marquina – Basque Country, Spain
Verdi Alpi – Aosta, Italy
Port Saint Laurent – Agadir, Morocco

We aim to source locally to avoid unnecessary emissions from transportation.

As seen in the figure below, the table is cut out of one slab only. Therefore, the continuity of the veins throughout the marble table is guaranteed, making it look like a cube freshly cut out of the quarry without the weight burden. After a 45° cut at the connecting edges, the pieces will be finally fixed together by an everlasting composite for marble.

Construction marble coffee table

Yes, we would be more than happy to show you our products! Just reach out through email, WhatsApp or by phone to make an appointment. Our showroom is located at Zentralstrasse 76, 8003 Zurich.

If coming is too cumbersome, just reach out and we will give some more information and show you our products through video call too.

Delivery usually takes around two weeks as we have most of our coffee tables in stock. If not in stock the delivery can take up to ten weeks, in which case we will inform you on the shop page. Please reach out for more details on a specific product.

Of course! You have the right to exchange or return your ordered items within 14 days. For the exchange, you can either bring it back to our showroom or if you prefer we can also organize the return for you in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. In that case, we charge a transport fee of 80 CHF.

In case of return, the purchase price will be returned within 10 working days after the item is in our possession. Please note that the item should not be used in the meantime, as it should be returned to us in its complete condition and without any signs of use.

Yes, we have amazing partners that can produce your dream pieces. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

Yes, they do! We offer a 2-year warranty on our marble tables. The warranty applies to product defects such as sudden cracks (without a known cause) but does not cover self-inflicted stains.

Read more about the Right of Withdrawal & Returns in our Terms & Conditions

Yes, we do deliver to France and Germany for a reasonable additional delivery fee. Please, reach out directly for your personalised offer.


Marble is one of the finest elements brought to us by mother nature. And just like her, marble needs to be cared after.

There are two kinds of finishes for marble: honed or polished. Honed marble is a marble that hasn’t gone through the whole polishing process and will therefore have a more natural appearance. This effect is perfect if you are looking for a matte effect and a finish where scratched and etching will be less visible.
Polished marble on another end, will have this classic shiny look, almost like a mirror. This finish emphasizes all the colors and veins from the marble that will appear more vibrant.

No matter your preference in the final look, both polished or honed marble can be quite sensitive and we therefore highly recommend following the below care tips:

  1. Make sure your table is properly sealed. Find here our recommendation for marble protection
  2. Keep your table dry even from water that might cause stains
  3. Avoid acidic products like wine, lemon or vinegar and in case of spillage dry immediately
  4. Clean with water and mild detergent
  5. Dry immediately after cleaning
  6. Embrace stains and imperfections, they are part of your marble’s story

Needless to say that all our tables are unique pieces given the marble’s nature and that natural imperfections such as rough parts, small holes, or cracks are part of the marble’s characteristic, not to be confused with actual damage.

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