Marble Fairy Tale


In the wintry realm where silence dwells,
Lie tables of marvel, their story tells,
White marble blocks, a pristine sight,
Glistening softly in the pale daylight.

Black marble, a depth in contrast found,
A shadowed hue upon frozen ground,
A timeless elegance, sleek and bold,
Its presence striking, a tale untold.

Gold marble veins, a delicate trace,
Weaving through stone with subtle grace,
A touch of warmth in the icy air,
A radiant gleam, beyond compare.

Green marble, nature’s verdant hue,
A sprig of life in a world so true,
Amidst the cold, a vibrant sight,
Adding depth to winter’s light.

Each block, a chapter, a tale to share,
Of contrasts, hues, a visual affair,
White, black, gold, and green align,
In harmony, their essence entwined.

Winter’s backdrop, a canvas fair,
Enhanced by marble, beyond compare,
In this tableau of nature’s art,
Marbles weave a tale, a work of heart.

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